Episode 47: How Junk Light is Making You Sleepless and Sick with Roudy Nassif

wellpower podcast Apr 12, 2023

Roudy is a renowned engineer, health entrepreneur, martial artist, and light expert, who is revolutionizing the world of circadian lighting through his company, Vivarays. As a visionary in his field, Roudy is dedicated to helping individuals achieve better sleep, increased energy, and improved health through his innovative and advanced circadian light-filtering eyewear.

With his deep understanding of the quantum biological effects of light, Roudy has spent years educating thousands of healthcare practitioners and doctors, equipping them with the knowledge they need to optimize both their own well-being and that of their patients. His expertise in the field is unparalleled, and his passion for elevating people's light environment to a new level of alignment with nature is evident in everything he does.

Roudy is on a mission to help people more than 10 million people to live in optimal rhythm, harness the power of light and awaken the spark of their inner light! His cutting-edge circadian light-filtering eyewear is just one example of his unwavering commitment to improving lives. Whether it's improving sleep, increasing energy, enhancing focus, or boosting productivity, Roudy is dedicated to helping people achieve their highest potential and live their best lives. With his warmth and open heart, he is truly a leader in his field.

(08:38) Roudy’s Pivotal Moments That Led to the Creation of Viva Rays

(19:04) How Bluelight Becomes Good and Bad

(25:53) Artificial Light and Natural Light

(30:12) The Two-ways of Day: Alertness and Rest

(33:29) Tools and Practices To Help Mitigate the Effects of Blue Light

(48:55) Staying True to Ethical and Ecological Practices 

(58:03) Optimal Time To Use Red Lenses

(01:01:46) The Role of Serotonin in the Interplay With Cortisol and Melatonin

(01:05:06) Fertility and Menopause

(1:09:53) Roudy’s Biohack



Website: vivarays.com

LinkedIn: Roudy Nassif - VivaRays - Artificial Light Management Solutions

Instagram: Roudy Nassif (@electromagnetic_diet) 




The Circadian Code



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