Transforming You into a Powerhouse.

Fed up with figuring out fitness, energy, and nutrition on your own?


Its time to step into the next version of YOU 🚀


Transforming You into a Powerhouse.

Fed up with figuring out fitness, energy, and nutrition alone?


Its time to step into the next version of YOU 🚀

Why You Need This…NOW

You've tried every diet in the market and nothing seems to change your metabolism.

Fatigue is a CONSTANT no matter how much coffee you drink.

Your body LOVES to hold and accumulate fat.

Managing the changes in your female body is HARD! Especially after these past 18 months. 

The act of getting healthy feels like pushing a boulder UPHILL.

I have spent the last 20 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars figuring out how to use the body's natural metabolic pathways to work FOR YOU to make the process of elite wellness SIMPLE, INSPIRED, and filled with DAILY JOY.

I've been fortunate enough to discover the best ways to build a stronger Body Brain Being over the last two decades while working with some of the top coaches in fitness, biohacking, and nutrition. 

Fact: We have different bodies, different hormones, different brainwave states, and different blood chemistry than men.


My SUPERPOWER is masterfully coaching women who are stressed, burnt out and tired of every wellness gimmick into their best Self.

You have TWO options:

  • You can SETTLE for normal and HOPE to get healthier....OR
  • You can DECIDE RIGHT NOW to take control and create the life of your dreams!

Warrior Woman Mode Bonus!

 1 yr Live Laser Small Group Coaching with Kristin

Anybody who tells you one-size-fits-all when it comes to your health is either lying to you on purpose or is too inexperienced to know better.  That's why I'm going to give you something extremely special.  These calls are all about you, and your goals.  You get 1 full year (from date of purchase) of twice-monthly Live  Small Group Coaching with Kristin, along with the support of the other women in the Inner Circle Group.  (Real Value $6000)


WOWfactor Special!

 1 yr Live Laser Small Group Coaching with Kristin

Anybody who tells you one-size-fits-all when it comes to your health is either lying to you on purpose or is too inexperienced to know better.  That's why I'm going to give you something very special.  These calls are all about you, and your goals.  You get 1 full year (from date of purchase) of twice-monthly Live  Small Group Coaching with Kristin, along with the support of the other women in the Inner Circle Group.  (Real Value $500)


Here's what this program will do for the right woman:

  • You know there is more confidence inside you that will unlock the gateway to a more fulfilled life
  • You've hit a plateau in weight, energy, or performance and feel frustrated with lack of recent progress
  • Your a woman willing to overcome blindspots in order to lean into the body of you dreams
  • You feel judged or isolated - seeking a community of like-minded friends and self-love practices that support your journey
  • You're ready to invest time, energy, and money to ensure your future self and health thrives 
  • You know deep down that if you could achieve real long-term wellness - everything else will begin to click
  • You feel stuck post-quarantine and need a massive shift
  • You're sick-and-tired of the overwhelm that comes with sifting through health advice, and want a simple, tailored solution to optimize your unique body and overall well-being!
  • You're a high level professional who is juggling it all - and needs an anchor to keep being your badass self
  • You're a fitness trainer who wants to level-up solutions for your clients around breathing, nutrition, biohacking or female health

What is Warrior Woman Mode Online? How does it work? 

Online:  10 Modules + 2 Bonus Modules filled with expert guidance, videos, course material, checklists and assignments to skyrocket key areas of your health.

Each module is delivered to you online, one every two weeks. 

This self-paced course will take 1-year, and you keep lifetime access to revisit the work, or dive deeper into the resources as you grow.


  • WELCOME MODE - Your kickoff includes: planning week insights and setting your intentions.

  • DEFINE YOUR BASELINE - Start with some self-inquiry and fitness assessment around your current health, digging out your biggest challenge areas, blind spots, and laying the foundation for the weeks and personalized work to follow.

  • NUTRITION MODE - How to use food-as-fuel, select an eating lifestyle that is right for you. Protein, carbs, and fat: eating the right macronutrients plus includes the Warrior Woman Meal Plan.

  • SLEEP MODE - Taking a deeper look into this critical foundation for a healthy body, brain and being. Sleep hacks, ways to improve and scoring your current sleep.

  • TRAINING MODE - Learn to burn! Are you optimizing your workout programs to create the biggest adaptation from a cellular level? The importance of fitness programming variance and how to get it done in less time than ever.

  • BREATHWORK MODE - Nasal breathing, why breath is the root of wellness, how-to guide and physiological principles. Guided audio tracks lead the way for you to assess breathing and layer in a simple daily breath practice that will boost all the other hard work.

  • SUPPLEMENTATION MODE - The ins and outs of supplementation, why we need it and what is best for your biology. Where the rubber meets the road with research and the top vitamins you should be consuming to support your overall wellness and longevity.

  • MEDITATION MODE - The what, when, why, & how and benefits of meditation and mindfulness in today's high-stress world. Guided audio to get you started so you can stress less.

  • FIRE + ICE MODE - A ‘fan-favorite’ chapter on exposure training to create adaptation, the benefits of cold and heat training on the body and how to get your first cold shower or ice plunge protocol in the books!

  • MAINTENANCE MODE  - OK! You’ve done it. Here, we nail the simple consistencies to maintain your gains (or losses) - we also make a point to celebrate! 

  • BONUS MODULE:  REDLIGHT MODE Covers all things redlight and how to use science-backed technology from red light therapy to switch on your best health!

  • BONUS MODULE:  RECOVERY MODE is where stacking your biohacks comes into play; From supplements to ice and breath. How making changes to your recovery habits can be a game changer.

Can you relate to feeling....

  • You want a long-term solution that actually works to shift your body composition so you feel good inside and out
  • You've bought all the diets but none of the food plans fit with what you like to eat or your schedule
  • You're burnt out and stressed from work and responsibilities looking for true positive change in your life
  • You fall into bed at night exhausted, wondering where you can get more energy
  • You feel alone on your health journey, and want a community and Coach who educates and cheers you on every step of the way!
  • You long for the type of confidence that gets you noticed when you walk in the room

WOWfactor Online Program includes: 

Warrior Woman Mode Online Program includes: 

Bi-Weekly Live ZOOM Group Coaching Call

Group Discussion Topic with live Q&A Video Call.

Calls are every other Wednesday. 

All calls are recorded and a replay will be emailed out after the call.

Private Facebook Group 

Private group for participants only with recipes, tips, tricks, contests, and community sharing.

Build camaraderie with your daily challenge check-ins here and on social media.

Contests + Prizes!

The real prize is winning better health, physique, and vitality together with a group of like-minded individuals, RIGHT?!?!

That being said....some fit + fun prizes will be awarded for people who share their best! And, there are hidden surprises and bonuses along the way!

Fitness Programming 

Special guest instructors will teach On-Demand Fitness Classes to help you keep sweating and smiling! 

Dates, Class Type, and Guest Instructors will roll out when the WORKOUT MODE Module drops into your inbox.

Checklists, Additional Resources & Lifetime Access to Course Content

Included in the Program are 'Pro Style' resources covering fitness, nutrition, biohacking, and tons of audio interviews for further study.

Each module is available to watch and complete anytime that works best for you!

Warrior Woman Meal Plan

The Warrior Woman Meal + Macros Plan is a 30-day guide including how to set macros, supplement ideas, recipes, balanced food plan, cycle syncing, and more.

An incredible guide to help keep you on track and to maintain!


Meet Your Coach

Kristin Weitzel, Nutrition + Fitness + Optimal Health

Kristin is a nutritionist, health and high-performance maven, certified fitness instructor, and trainer with a focus on coaching women to optimal well-being. She has spoken at fitness conferences nationwide, ran her own fitness studio, and led international programs to help people achieve their goals. She spent 20+ years working with some of the top minds and mentors in the wellness world to solve her own weight, energy, and lifestyle challenges, something she continues to focus on today. Kristin left a national role in the corporate world when she found her greatest fulfillment - sharing her knowledge with other women to guide them into their best health.

Kristin is excited to launch the WOWfactor Online Program filled with challenges, connection, and rewards, empowering us to share how we succeed together in the pursuit of optimal wellness.

Warrior Woman Mode Online BOGO!

Buy-One-Gift-One $1114

Package Includes:

  • *BOGO Gift*: After you purchase, you get a one time offer code to gift to a friend via email  
  • Full Course with 10 Modules of Audio, Video + Written Lessons
  • Bi-Weekly Live Zoom Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Contests + Prizes
  • Fitness Programming + Classes
  • Checklists + Additional Resources 
  • Warrior Woman Meal Plan
  • Lifetime Access to Course Content
  • 1yr LIVE Laser Small Group Coaching with Kristin
  • *Limited! Offer ends Cyber Monday* 



“Working with Kristin has been a game-changer. She guided me every step of the way, helping me navigate and stick to a clean nutrition program. I was set up with a detailed food plan, which included recipes, best practices for recovery, and supplements — all the while with her by my side, in person, via daily check-in texts, or phone calls. Kristin always responded right away to any questions or concerns that arose around optimizing my nutrition, what I was doing for fitness programming (pushing me to lift heavier!), and to achieve gains in my overall health. As a result, I never felt alone or confused. I gained incredible insights during fun components of the program where we hit the grocery store together to dive into food choices and improving family meal prep, as well Kristin coaching me through breathwork and benefits of my first ice plunge at an exposure training session. She supported my needs every step of the way during our time together and followed up with a maintenance plan that works for my body and lifestyle. Overall - SUCCESS! I highly recommend this program.”

~ Kim L.

Still have questions about the WOWfactor Program?

Book a 15-Min Ask-Me-Anything Call with Kristin! 



Program Love from Breanne

"Kristin far exceeded what I thought I was going to get, and continues to educate me. I struggled my entire life to find a 'balance' that works for me, being easily overwhelmed by how and when to eat and what vitamins to take. By nature, Kristin is thoroughly focused, calm, and knowledgeable. She helped me create a plan that was easy to understand and follow.

What inspires me is that she practices what she preaches. I trust her and all she recommends. There is an entire community around her that emanates endless motivation and group support because of her ability to encourage clients, with her wisdom across nutrition, fitness and health."


Program Love from Maja

Over the years, I have worked with too many Fitness Trainers and Nutritional Coaches to even keep track.  But no matter how hard my previous trainers and coaches worked me, and no matter how well I followed their nutrition plans...nothing seemed to work, and they would give up on me. My health didn't fit into their prepackaged programs, so they would blame me.

Then I met Kristin, and everything changed.

She took the time to figure out why all the workouts and meal plans had never worked in the past.  From our first call, she listened.

I never once felt that there was a "cookie-cutter" approach to my specific needs.


Kristin was able to figure out how my metabolism worked differently. And by doing so, not only did I start to lose weight, but my fitness levels improved exponentially by focusing on recovery and NOT working out as hard!

The WOWfactor program was so much more than just fitness and food. It was about incorporating body, mind, and soul into my lifestyle, things like self-reflection journaling, ice baths, breathing techniques and more. 

I have so much respect for the way Kristin works to understand challenges, make you feel a part of her community, and how much energy and thought are in each week's plan. When I contacted her about my health issues - she did additional research, we figured out my metabolism issues, and created a path of guidance works for me!

I love how she constantly challenged me to raise the self-imposed limitations I've put on myself over the years. No other coaches or programs have had the impact Kristin and these modules have made on every area of my well-being. It's the real deal, with a real woman cheering you on - and my life is so much better having worked with her.