Wellpower Episode 51 Shawn Wells


wellpower podcast May 07, 2023

Shawn Wells, the World's Greatest Supplement Formulator, sits down with Kristin to share some of the most important lessons he's learned in life. Because these long-time biohacking friends, confidants, and colleagues have shared many wild and amazing experiences, the conversation is personal and easy to reflect on.

In this episode, Shawn discusses his struggle to preserve mental health, his discovery of the most transformative wellness tools and technology, and his journey to comprehend trauma and self-inquiry on the path to feeling like the most authentic version of himself. The wisdom he imparts on what it means to fail, to be lost, and to turn inward for this true hero's journey of self-discovery is priceless. The two also talk about the keys to mitigating and managing chronic illness, using food as fuel, research, and stories of psychedelic experiences with medicines like psilocybin and ketamine. This episode is well worth listening to twice for all its gold.

(07:15) Shawn's inspiration to become a formulator
(11:20) The sad backstory and journey of Shawn
(24:16) The motivations behind Shawn's diet and eating habits
(24:31) The impact of keto on Shawn's life
(28:50) Be the greatest listener for yourself
(31:14) The power of plant medicine
(41:08) The bliss of saying no
(43:00) Why you need to value yourself
(47:09) Shawn's journey to writing the biohacking bible
(50:21) A sneak peek into Shawn's book, The Energy Formula
(57:58) What you miss when you're constantly grinding
(1:07:45) The supplements you should be taking
(1:09:55) The different types of estrogens and their roles
(1:11:20) Demystifying creatine
(1:13:50) How to best optimize protein, leucine, and creatine levels
(1:17:34) Understanding net muscle accretion, anabolism, and catabolism
(1:17:58) How to achieve muscle protein synthesis and breakdown
(1:20:56) Supplement recommendations
(1:21:34) Supplement red flags and the need for complete transparency
(1:24:55) New supplements and ingredients to look out for 


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