WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.3 Daina Trout

Episode 3: Gut Health is Wealth With Daina Trout

wellpower podcast Jun 08, 2020


Daina is a long time friend and fitness lover, and watching the meteoric rise of her functional beverage brand, Health-Ade, has always made my heart giddy. In this episode, we uncover Daina's kickass knowledge of gut health - this fierce female holds degrees in Nutrition and Public Health - discuss her feelings on balancing work, family, and wellness, and dive into details around her personal philosophy; that health is less about science, and more about what makes you feel good and happy.

Daina Trout is CEO and Co-founder of Health-Ade Kombucha alongside her husband, Justin Trout, and bestfriend, Vanessa Dew. Since the beginning in 2012, the trio has been committed to brewing the best tasting and highest quality kombucha on the market.


  • Special Listener Deal: 15% off Health-Ade Booch Pop one-time purchases and subscription orders on www.health-ade.comEnter code: WELLPOWER15

  • Daina's success story and how she started making kombucha

  • What is kombucha and why it is beneficial to our health

  • A thorough discussion of probiotics and what role does it play in our gut health

  • Nature as the best remedy

  • Contribution of sugar in kombucha

  • Difference between beer and kombucha

  • SCOBY (Scientific Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) explained

  • Maintaining health despite a busy schedule

  • 3 important things Daina does to bolster her wellbeing 

  • Time management and scheduling; fitting in self-care and family





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