WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.4 Kasper Van Der Meulen

Episode 4: Biohacking Breath + State Shifting With Kasper Van Der Meulen

wellpower podcast Jun 09, 2020


In a very short span of time, Kasper van der Meulen has become one of my favorite people on the planet.  He is a Breathwork specialist, Biohacker and Science Teacher. Kasper went from being overweight, burnt out and unhappy, to developing extraordinary focus, fitness and personal freedom. He put himself through numerous experiments and challenges, conquered the cold, ran ultramarathons on his bare feet, tested countless diets, read a ton of scientific literature and explored as many optimisation modalities as he could. 

In this episode we talk about breath, fitness, the nervous system, ways to develop a positive mindset, his book, Mindlift, and dabble into the power of psychedelics.


  • Kasper’s origin; how his anxiety, stress, and depression, fear disorder got him interested in researching and biohacking himself.

  • How he got his way to teaching and now using learning with his students and now conducting research and experiments with them.

  • Your biggest “why” on optimizing your health.

  • How you can find your way into your ultimate flow of state

  • Breathing exercises and how amazingly this interconnects your whole body

  • How he got interested and met with The Iceman Wim Hof and is now challenging himself by training with him in the cold.

  • The importance of challenging and pushing yourself to the limits.

  • The advantage of training in groups and getting the support system that comes with it.

  • How Kasper found his way to music and the amazing reaction of our mind and body to sound

  • Kasper’s study on Psilocybin Mushroom or also known as Psychedelic Mushrooms and how it could be an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs

3 Lifestyle Practices Kasper Recommends:

  • Take 5 minutes of breathing practice

  • Learn a new skill

  • Take Cold Showers

 Kasper’s Lifestyle Changes Guidelines:

  • Simplicity: It has to be as simple as possible

  • Joy: Enjoy every moment, every reward of the hardships you will go through

  • Growth: You should be able to see progress


Join Kasper on IG: @kaspersfocus to watch him continue to win hearts and minds on his mission to share the principles of self-optimisation with humans all over the world.  www.mindlift.com

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