WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.5 Boomer Anderson

Episode 5: Decoding Superhuman: a Nerdgasm With Boomer Anderson

wellpower podcast Jun 10, 2020


This episode, recorded in Amsterdam, brings out the full biohacking nerd in all of us! Listen along as Boomer takes us on a journey around optimal health practices and ways to create massive efficiency in everything you do. Hear info around the best way to organize your day, how to measure and manage biofeedback, and other science that will move the needle on your overall wellness in incredible ways!

Boomer Anderson is a health optimization practitioner on a mission to elevate the human experience through health. He is the host of the 'Decoding Superhuman' podcast and serves as the Head of Health Optimization Practice in Europe for the HOMe/HOPe Association, a non-profit organization. And, he's smartAF, fun, and gives quality, actionable advice - so come get some!


  • How Boomer shifted gears from a successful banker to a Certified Epigenetic Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner

  • Causes of his health problems at a very young age

  • Understanding Quantified Self, what is it, and how it can be beneficial to us

  • A health scare and its impact on humans

  • Getting rid of toxicities and micronutrient deficiencies

  • Accessing your lifestyle and daily habits 

  • Repurposing wasted time and making yourself more productive

  • Health devices; biohacking technology

  • Why certain health advice doesn't work for everyone

  • Helping entrepreneurs to be more productive and efficient



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