WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.8 Part 1 With Adrienne + Jason

Episode 8: Becoming Antifragile: Cold Exposure Part 1 With Adrienne + Jason

wellpower podcast Jun 15, 2020


Here with me today are the two brilliant minds of Morozko Forge, Jason Staufer a Phoenix native, Army combat veteran and ASU graduate with his Bachelors of Science in Engineering in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering and has an early civilian career in for-profit pharmaceuticals that gave him intimate knowledge of the decreasing ability of synthetic medicine to treat the underlying causes of diseases of aging, chronic ailments and post-industrial afflictions of urban human society who was mesmerized with the idea of introducing stress in our bodies to gain its resiliency through ice baths and Adrienne Jezick who has been practicing Deliberate Cold Exposure for healing since October, 2017 after being diagnosed with three Autoimmune diseases; Hashimoto's, Urticaria and Eosinophilic Esophagitis in 2013 and reversed all traces of Autoimmune, and is now coaching others to do the same through the cold.

Together they share with us their amazing journey in the cold and how it awakened their mental, internal and physical health into its peak performance. They will also talk about the underlying causes of diseases that can be rectified with the help of ice baths.


  •  Antifragility and introducing stress to your body; how the idea of ice bath fascinated Jason and led him to Wim Hof

  • Adrienne’s backstory from having three Autoimmune diseases and reversing its traces by practicing Deliberate Cold Exposure

  • Thermodynamics and backyard experimenting, the humble beginning of Morozko Forge

  • The anticipation of ice baths and mental challenge, how do you overcome stress and anxiety when submerging into the cold

  • Basal Modal Response and Chronic Venous insufficiency explained

  • Brown fat, its origin and what does it do to our body

  • Plunging in 35 degrees cold bath and boosting your norepinephrine and dopamine

  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system; Shiver response and controlling it with breathing exercises

  • The physical attribution of ice baths to your body’s muscular fitness

  • Protocols on how you begin your first ice bath experience and helpful tips on overcoming anxiety for beginners

  • Training your brain not to be stressed out to unnecessary events and boosting your mental processes with the help of ice baths 



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