WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.10 Part 2 With Morozko Forge

Episode 9: Becoming Antifragile: Cold Exposure Part 2 With Morozko Forge

wellpower podcast Jun 17, 2020


Back with Part 2 of Ice Baths and Becoming Antifragile!

This episode, featuring Jason Stauffer and Adrienne Jezick, developers of "Morozko Forge" continues with the info you need to know about having a deliberate cold exposure practice that facilitates a mountain of health benefits. Part 2 covers the story behind Morozko Forge’s name and design, the introduction of the new filtration product hydra, contrast therapy; infrared sauna and cold forge, women’s hormone, breathing techniques, boosting immunity and so much more!



  • The story behind Morozko Forge’s name and logo

  • Increasing customer access with creative problem solving

  • The right tub size and material that fits your preference

  • Introducing the new product, Hydra

  • Combining Infrared Sauna and Cold Forge in maximizing health benefits

  • Bringing heat to your body by regaining breathing and recentering yourself with Akimbo Pose

  • Beneficial effects of cold immersion to women's hormones, stabilizing mental and emotional, from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis

  • How ice baths contribute in optimizing recovery cycle and business performance of semi pro bodybuilders and biohacking entrepreneurs 

  • Breathing as the remote control of our Nervous System

  • Training Method for The Morozko

  • Takeaways on how ice baths contribute in boosting our immune system and winning the battle against Covid19

  • The Social Media drive that challenges Morozko Forge




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