WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.10 F*IT Ice Bath

Episode 10: F*IT Ice Bath

wellpower podcast Aug 09, 2020


Join Kristin in this freezing journey to the ice; explore, understand and learn more about cold immersion and how you can maximize its health benefits to your ultimate biohacking roadmap in achieving Optimal Wellness.


  • Ice Bath in layman's term

  • Called in many names but goes down to one great benefit; Optimal Wellness

  • Why it has tenfold more benefits compared to Cold Therapy and Cryotherapy

  • Being mentally tough and building resilience with cold immersions

  • Introducing an Intentional Stressor to your body and building adaptation to the cold

Six Benefits of Ice Bath in Your Wellness Roadmap

  1. Fat Burning

  2. Immunity Booster

  3. Depression

  4. Muscle

  5. Reduces Inflammation

  6. Better Sleep

Special thanks to these people in sharing their knowledge and expertise with me in this episode:

  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick

  • Thomas P Seager, PHD

  • XPT and Coach PJ Nestler

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