WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.11 Sarah Turner

Episode 11: Get Stimulated: Red Light Therapy With Sarah Turner

wellpower podcast Aug 19, 2020

Meet the superwoman Sarah Turner, the science manager and resident red light therapy expert at Recharge co. Ltd. She is interested in all aspects of the application of light in biology including photobiomodulation, circadian biology, chronobiology, lifestyle modification, and biohacking.

Together with this mad scientist, we are about to dive into the fascinating world of photobiomodulation, red light therapy and its healing properties to our well being, EMF, and the infamous Flex Beam. Sarah will also touch in the beneficial effects o red light therapy in our sex hormones and testosterone.


  • Sarah’s origin story on how she found herself in the Red Light Therapy Space

  • The study of Photobiomodulation and its healing properties that fascinated Sarah

  • Red Light Therapy in supercharging our Mitochondria and its impact on our entire Physiology

  • How Circadian Rhythm plays an important role in our Melanin production

  • Red Light Technology; choosing the best device for your needs

  • Understanding the benefits and uses of Infrared and Near-Infrared

  • EMF in heat saunas and how you can avoid them

  • The Flex Beam

  • The beneficial effects of red light therapy in our Collagen production, Sex Hormones, and Testosterone

  • The Health and Wellness advice that Sarah would have done with her younger self




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