WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.14  F*IT Red Light Therapy

Episode 14: F*IT Red Light Therapy

wellpower podcast Jan 07, 2021

In a time wherein health is being prioritized and given more emphasis, it is very important for us to remain healthy in all aspects or to even heal in the best and natural way possible. 

In this episode, we will be equipped with more details on how Red Light Therapy works. The therapy has already done favorable results in treating skin conditions. Moreover, we will learn between near and far infrared, its benefits, and even its downsides that are based on a real-life experience.

A shiny, new, simple overview of Red Light Therapy and its benefits to the user. Hear Kristin talk about how vit fits with photobiomodulation, where it came from, what the research and science says, different devices, and best ways to use. We cover the basics around near and far infrared light as well as getting natural red light therapy with sunlight at sunrise and sunset. Hear about 5 devices that WELLPOWER loves and which is best for you. Get ready to glow as you discover your body is a battery!


SUPERCHARGED, The Movie : http://bit.ly/2Jw1brM

FLEXBEAM website: https://theflexbeam.com/

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LLLT and Skin: http://bit.ly/34ZsnXr

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Sports Performance: http://bit.ly/380wLHs

Near Infrared Light Supporting the Brain: http://bit.ly/38QE1F1


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