WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.17 Logan Gelbrich

Episode 17: Burn the Ships: High Performance Mindset With Logan Gelbrich

wellpower podcast Feb 19, 2021


Professional athlete and author Logan Gelbrich shares his passion, but this is not an episode about professional baseball. It's about discovering a philosophy that cares more about getting better, than being right. Logan uses his background, his lessons in entrepreneurship, and his passion for adaptive organizational leadership to showcase the ways that you can use disconfirming information to overcome fears of going after your biggest dreams.

Anecdotes are shared around leadership development and the importance of striving for self-actualization. We talk about creating context for a skill based, curious practice both in fitness and in life. Chock full of direction-probing questions and discussion, we begin to unpack his book, Going Right, and the type of mindset it takes to take the leap of faith on yourself.



  • Having a vague vision doesn't serve you

  • Creating meaning for what we do

  • How to realizing your purpose

  • Process of pursuing something meaningful

  • Curiosity leads people to a growth mindset

  • How Setting Boundaries sets us free

  • Dreaming big without a Plan B

  • Difference between innovation and invention

  • Using failure as a tool

  • Transcending and including our life's work

  • Adaptive and universal Leadership

  • Being right vs being good

    • Exploring the benefits of disconfirming information


Books: Going Right Logical Justification Pursuing

Deuce Gym: deucegym.com

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