WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.18 Eliisa Tennant

Episode 18: The Power of Tracking Nutrition With Eliisa Tennant

wellpower podcast Jun 29, 2021


Eliisa Tennant, food tracking warrior woman and community manager at Cronometer sheds light on ways to minimize the learning curve and maximize your physique goals with her deep insights and the pure inspiration of her story. She has been directing the Cronometer superfan community for over three years - has all the best practices and ways to make tracking your food easier than ever so you can truly understand and shift your nutrition and calories like a pro!

Born with adventure in her heart and raised in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. Eliisa spends most of her time soaking up everything the mountain life has to offer. Whether it’s being on top of the world via snowmobile or paddle boarding the many mountain lakes in the area, Eliisa has a true passion for the outdoors.

Since joining the Cronometer team over three years ago she has put much emphasis on her health and truly prides herself on being a data-nerd. Her food tracking story is incredibly inspiring as she brings total approachability to anyone who wants to do this easily and well! Eliisa believes being healthy and fit makes everything in life so much better, and here at WELLPOWER, we know she's right.



  • How Eliisa Started in  Food Tracking

  • Why Cronometer is different from any other tracker apps

  • Figuring out the right supplements through Cronometer App

  • How Cronometer helps one to live longer

  • How Cronometer guides you in tracking your constant diet and serving

  • Pro Version of Cronometer App and its benefits

  • Cronometer Integrations

  • Eliisa’s daily routine and activities

  • Eliisa’s advice for her 10-year-old self

  • Authenticity: Why it matters in becoming healthier



Direct app download: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cronometer-nutrition-tracker/id1145935738

20% off CRONOMETER GOLD Level here: cronometer.com/wellpower


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