WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.19 F*IT Food Tracking

Episode 19: F*IT Food Tracking

wellpower podcast Aug 03, 2021

Discover the 5 Best Steps to Track Your Food!

This short episode gives insight into how and why to use technology, what you should look for when choosing a way to track, Kristin's fav food tracking app, and why the research shows that growing your awareness is the first key to shifting your fuel for physique and/or health transformation.


  • [ 02:00 ] 1st Step: Track your Food: Keeping track of your food intake

  • [ 04:18 ] 2nd Step: Using the right Formula (Figuring your Macros', Micronutrients, and Calories)

  • [ 05:33 ] 3rd Step: Get a Food Tracking App

  • [ 11:18 ] 4th Step: Don't Forget Treat Days

  • [13:18 ] 5th Step: Take this as an adventure


Harris–Benedict Equation

Cronometer: Track nutrition & count calories

Direct app download: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cronometer-nutrition-tracker/id1145935738

20% off CRONOMETER GOLD Level here: cronometer.com/wellpower

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