WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.021 Laura Young & Cathy Welehan

Episode 21: Next Level Healing + Empowerment With Laura Young & Cathy Welehan

wellpower podcast Sep 01, 2021

Laura Young and Cathy Whelehan
, spiritual guides and co-founders of 'BeLovedNow' discuss all things compassion and breaking free of shame and self-limiting beliefs. The most refreshing take on unconditional self-acceptance and acceptance of others shared on this podcast yet. This growing community of women support each other in embodied practice, compassionate communication. and spiritual growth. Learn how these women overcame addiction, codependency and shame to become the most epic counsel for those who want to radiate their truest selves to the world.


Rev. Laura Young and Rev. Cathy Whelehan are co-founders of BeLovedNow, a growing community of women supporting each other in embodied practice, compassionate communication. and spiritual growth. BeLovedNow offers a 12 week online program of healing and empowerment, a BeLoved Graduate Immersion Year, in-person workshops, and annual Retreats in Costa Rica. All of the BeLovedNow offerings are grounded in embodied practice of 12 Guiding Spiritual Principles. BLN practices include meditation, journalling, compassionate communication techniques, breath work, co-listening, and ritual/ceremony for trauma recovery and transformation. These Be-ing practices are emotional fluidity tools to live in alignment with core soul values for a passionately engaged life.

Their work together is a rich coalescence of decades of education, training and lived experience, guiding hundreds of people home to their hearts and their own blessed knowing. They are both ordained Interfaith-Interspiritual Ministers with a focus on spiritual counseling; E-RYT 500 trained teachers of yoga and meditation; and Independent Ampcoil Ambassadors, amplifying wellness and support through chronic illness.


  • [15:57] The Origin Story of  Laura

  • [20:18] Why does Cathy call her home emotionally, physically, and spiritually fragmented?

  • [15:57] The Origin Story of Cathy

  • [30:33] How has Cathy instilled trust?

  • [33:26] Laura and Cathy's Healthy Relationship

  • [36:35] What did Laura and Cathy find out about Biohacking?

  • [37:28] How has BeLovedNow started?

  • [49:06] How co-listening meditation works

  • [50:22] Free Discovery Call

  • [57:27] BeLovedNow Program Outline

  • [1:06:11] What makes the BeLovedNow program beautiful?

  • [1:09:56] Trauma Healing Ritual Ceremony

  • [1:17:45] How do BeLovedNow members of varying ages benefit their organization?

  • [1:21:18] Cathy and Laura’s daily and weekly routine that helps them shift their health and  well-being 

  • [1:22:06] What is Ampcoil?

  • [1:23:19] What are Sound Journeys?

  • [1:26:41] Cathy and Laura's message to their 12-year-old self



Be Loved Now 3 Month Program: https://belovednow.org/bln-program

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