WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.024

Episode 24: F*IT: Sleep

wellpower podcast Apr 09, 2022

Sleep Better Forever!

In this dreamy solo episode, your host, Kristin, breaks down her top 10 tips to improve the most important foundation of health - SLEEP. She talks sleep supplements, shares insights from her recent guest sleep expert, Mollie McGlocklin, circadian rhythm management, tools to downregulate, blue light blocking glasses and more…Just 18 minutes to capture all the zzzzz you need!

We're all aware of how important sleep is. But,  we are almost certain that we are unaware of how critical it is. Your body and brain work hard all night, which is important for physical recovery because you are only as fit as what you can recover from!

Kristin shares her Top 10 Sleep Tips and Tools that have helped her in attaining a good night’s sleep and it may help you as well! This brief episode explains how and why you should establish a sleep regimen to improve your sleep and regain that energy that you need!

Tune in, and let's just try to get the best night's sleep we possibly can!



  • (02:46) #1 Focus on Your Breath

  • (04:58) #2 Sun Exposure: Turn on Your Circadian Rhythm

  • (07:25) #3 Sleep Cocktails and Supplements as sleep optimizers

  • (9:29) #4 Blocking Glasses: Right Fit for Your Lifestyle

  • (12:12) #5 Control Your Body and Surroundings' Temperature

  • (13:16 ) #6 Weight: How it Calms your Nervous System

  • (14:47) #7 Red Bulb: A Great Marker for the Mind

  • (16:14) #8 Cold Exposure: Why do you need it?

  • (17:32) #9 Noise and its impact to sleep

  • (19:59) #10 Flex Beam: How it helps you sleep at ease



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