WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.025 Freddie Kimmel

Episode 25: Healing Chronic Illness + the Frequency of Joy With Freddie Kimmel

wellpower podcast Apr 18, 2022


Freddie Kimmel is a dynamic speaker and biohacker who struggled with cancer, lyme disease, and mold toxicity for years.

He overcame adversity while experiencing autoimmune and chronic illness through his enthusiastic drive to get well exploring cutting edge medicine and technology. 

His joyful energy coupled with his ability to extract the best modalities that help the body self-heal, have landed him as a top expert on this subject matter.

Freddie shares insights and pathways for robust health on his *Top 100* Beautifully Broken podcast.  Notable conversations surround the idea that the next 20 years of medicine and health are about what we take out of our body, more than what we put in.

Join Kristin and Freddie as they connect in this polarizing conversation about Freddie’s life, recovery, and personal journey including setting strong boundaries that foster robust health. 

We talk red light therapy, bioacoustic frequency technology using AmpCoil, deeper discussions on sex and intimacy, and more. Add a dash of song and some fun “biohacking besties' anecdotes, and you’ll be hooked on the practical takeaways to craft a more  joyful life.


  • (09:54) Freddie's Broadway Journey

  • (11:05) How did he get his first job and tour all over 95 cities

  • (14:04) FINDING OUT THAT YOU HAVE A CANCER: How does it feel like?

  • (17:50) On Becoming CANCER-FREE: Freedom and Challenges Along the Way

  • (21:09) His experience on getting surgeries after being declared cancer-free

  • (21:33) How did he experience a deeper level of awareness and a different perspective on life?

  • (26:48) When did he realize to delve into the world of biohacking? 

  • (34:27) Understanding AmpCoil + How It Works

  • (46:47) The Limitless Capability of Frequency Therapy in the Body

  • (53:10) What are the cofactors of living in a city and how it affect the toxicity level

  • (53:56) His diagnosis with cancer +Bringing up DEATH

  • (01:07:38) Let’s talk about SEX: What happens to your sex life after surgery?

  • (01:25:01)  How do we seek out disconfirming information and opposite opinion?

  • (01:29:29) What is the one biohack that he really loves?

  • (01:32:24) Freddie's advice to his younger self



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