WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.026 Casey Means

Episode 26: Optimizing Nutrition, Glucose + Metabolism With Dr. Casey Means

wellpower podcast May 04, 2022

Take managing your health to a whole new levels with this fiercely informational and educational interview shared with Dr. Casey Means from LEVELS Health.

We talk about nutrition, ice baths, glucose management and ways you can use carbohydrates as fuel empowered fuel for body recompositioning and fat loss. Food and lifestyle choices translate into our molecular reality -- The Levels Health CGM technology (continuous glucose monitor) empowering people to choose wisely for their bodies.

 88% of American adults have metabolic dysfunction -- a state that is almost entirely preventable and underlies 9 of the 10 leading causes of death in the US. This is the elephant in the room of modern American healthcare, leading to unprecedented morbidity and trillions in direct costs. In this episode of WELLPOWER, Dr. Casey Means speaks about her journey leaving the traditional medical system and creating easy-to-use tech that focuses on maximizing human potential through optimized metabolic health, disease prevention, and disease reversal. 

Key points in this discussion give us access to better, actionable personal understanding that will create bottom-up movement in shifting our own bodies and the industries that are currently financially benefit off of promoting or treating disease, namely the food and healthcare industries. 

An incredible overview about glucose, nutrition, and how tracking these, even for a short period, enables you to make simple, significant changes in the way you optimize and biohack your health.



  • [05:06] How did Casey get involve with levels and passionate about this arena

  • [12:54] All About Continuous Glucose Monitor

  • [17:08] WHY should we monitor our glucose?

  • [26:17] Knowing Your Food Triggers

  • [33:43] What are some non-food items that spike glucose?

  • [47:15] The Contribution of Sleep towards Metabolism

  • [54:18] Ice Bath: Acute and Chronic Response

  • [59:38] Using Levels App to Help You Monitor Your Glucose 

  • [1:08:35] Daily routine to keep you healthy and high functioning

  • [1:15:54] Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism


Website: Levels Health 

LinkedIn: Casey Means, MD - Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer - Levels | LinkedIn 

Facebook: Casey Means, MD

Twitter: Casey Means, MD (@DrCaseysKitchen) / Twitter 

Instagram: Casey Means, MD (@drcaseyskitchen) • Instagram photos and videos 



Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause by Izabella Wentz PharmD

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