WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.027

Episode 27: F*IT Protein

wellpower podcast May 19, 2022


Protein is Queen (and King)!

In this solo episode of the WELLPOWER Podcast, Kristin shares the shift in mindset and grams most likely needed to achieve what she sees in the research for non-sedentary people as - good protein feeding. 

Learn what is the right amount of protein for you, some differences in males and females when it comes to this important macronutrient, when and how to eat it, and cool biohacks to help you get the most absorption of this critical nutrient.  She summarizes a little research and notes a few champion experts of protein, like Dr. Stacey Sims,  when it comes to male and female health research. Bulk up on this episode….

 Proteins are involved in our bodies in terms of achieving longevity and supporting our bodies in becoming lean and healthy.

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  • (01:20) Macronutrient Protein & Protein: Why is it important?

  • (01:34) Why protein is the key towards longevity?

  • (03:05) How does protein work in our bodies?

  • (04:22) Understanding Muscle Protein Synthesis

  • (04:42) Protein Inside the Body: How much should we be taking in?

  • (05:41) Why should we recomposition our body and build our muscles?

  • (08:52) First Guideline: The Quantity of Protein for Men and Women

  • (16:13) Products and snackables that can help you get the protein that you need

  • (22:23) Utilizing Your Aminos


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