WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.028 Leslie Kenny

Episode 28: Boosting Autophagy and Anti-Aging with Leslie Kenny

wellpower podcast May 20, 2022


Sit down and listen to a longevity researcher who knows her stuff:

Leslie Kenney, Founder of Oxford Healthspan and creator of Primeadine, joins the WELLPOWER family of guests.

Learn more about the powerful autophagy-triggering molecule, spermadine, and the potency of the products Leslie crafted after her years of research. We cover the the ways in which this compound supports cardiovascular health, cognition, memory Immune function, healthy joints and more.

Everyone wants to have a long and healthy life, and in order to do so, we need to eat better and exercise more. With the rise of the supplement business-produced products meant to supplement your diet, there are now other, complementary longevity alternatives, like Primeadine.

Primeadine bridges the gap between eastern wisdom and modern science by bringing to market high quality, effective and science-backed botanical compounds, many from the Japanese Imperial Palace Medical Scrolls that harness the body’s innate ability to repair, renew and promote vigorous longevity and increased healthspan.

And as always, we get a dose of the latest-and-greatest when it comes to biohacking tips.


  • (06:15) Leslie’s background and her passion

  • (15:30) Primeadine’s features and benefits 

  • (22:18) Spermidine’s origin

  • (24:40) Spermidine’s sources  

  • (33:42) Rest Reset Period: The Best Time to take Primeadine

  • (41:40) Primeadine  as a foundational supplement to aid sleep

  • (44:22) Effects of High dosing with Primeadine

  • (45:58) Reframing conversation around Menstrual Cycle

  • (52:25) Tips, tricks, and habits to keep you motivated

  • (55:23) The Oxford Longevity Project

  • (59:40) Leslie’s Favorite Biohack

  • (01:12:27) Leslie’s message to her younger self


Oxford healthspan: https://oxfordhealthspan.com/ 

Primeadine: https://oxfordhealthspan.com/products/best-spermidine-supplement

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ridgepath 


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