WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.029 Mike Pullano

Episode 29: Building Muscle in Less Time With Mike Pullano + ARX

wellpower podcast May 24, 2022

Mike Pullano means business when it comes to sharing how muscle is built and maintained.

A fun, tequila infused discussion with this king of a fitness optimizer, where we discuss everything from resistance training that adapts to your power output to the magic of fueling you body and your dreams along the way.

Hear about his biohacking technology called ARX and the crew of leaders, alongside Mike, that has spent over 8 years refining this tech and getting it to the marketplace. Kristin shares some critical questions around why this modality might just be better than training at the gym (wait, what??!!) and Mike shares out there is no better way to build muscle in less time than ever before and the methods to get there.

Realize your full training potential, leveling up your life safely and effectively; with this full body adaptive resistance workout machine, some keen insights from a man I admire, and jump onto this major muscle building biohack that is 94% more efficient than weights!


  • (05:54) When did he start the resistance training?

  • (15:39) The Difference Between ARX Machine and Weights

  • (23:26) Everything You Should Know about ARX Machine

  • (31:23) The Core Fundamental of Why People Exercise

  • (34:27) As we get older, how do we still get that fundamental stimulus?

  • (46:56) Reframe of Resistance

  • (50:14) Reasons why ARX Machine is a game-changer

  • (56:11) The Difference between Alpha and Omni Machine

  • (58:22) What are the results of using this exercise machine?

  • (01:13:19) His favorite biohack aside from ARX Machine

  • (01:16:34) His advice to his younger self


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