WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.030

Episode 30: F*IT Lift Heavy Weights

wellpower podcast Jun 17, 2022


Wondering why you may have plateaued at the gym or with your training?

In this ranty, spitfire, and fun solo episode, Kristin covers all the frontline things that can improve your strength training goals; namely - lifting heavier weights.

Understand what it means to hit a failure, hormesis, or intentional stress that actually improves your performance, s the way you train and lean into the context of what you are training for with this episode. An added focus on females comes in this show, with important notes about how you can effectively and safely recomposition your body and feel good in those clothes. The entire episode wraps up with some recommendations for a personal trainer, fitness, and at-home training programs to work with. Filled with encouragement and determined to get you to that next workout in better than ever form - Kristin will give you guidance that grows your capacity at whatever level you show up!


  • (01:18) How much cardio is too much?

  • (02:53) The Proper Way to Strength Training

  • (04:05) Connecting the thought process to the neural firing of our brain 

  • (05:25) The Benefits of Learning More About Fitness

  • (06:04) Be curious about taking a risk close to failure

  • (11:08) Debunking the age excuse for fitness

  • (13:47) People and programs that you might want to check out!


Shoutouts to top trainers and the best programs Kristin has found in the strength training world include:

Reminder to Join the WOWfactor Online Women’s Biohacking Course Online and be coached by Kristin herself: 


Website: https://www.wellpowerpodcast.com/ 


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