wellpower Podcast Ep.033

Episode 33: F*IT Nasal Breathing

wellpower podcast Jul 17, 2022

Mouths are for eating and noses are for breathing.

Tune in to this general overview around nasal breathing and how we can ‘Breathe into Better Health’ by applying a few key principles of this practice. Kristin takes the science of oxygen uptake in the body via carbon dioxide and breaks down some physiology, breathing biomechanics, nervous system tone, and response to stress. Hear what happens when she took 6 months to nasal breathe only on a spin bike!

Gain solid insight on the reason everyone is talking about the nose, and nasal breathing protocols right now for fitness, stress management, and overall energy boosting protocols. The nose knows!


  • (03:11) Why you should shift your state and the way you breathe 

  • (04:45) Mouth Breathing vs. Nasal Breathing

  • (06:48) The reality of breathing and optimizing oxygen 

  • (10:00) Overbreathing Explained

  • (11:46) Surprising Facts About Your Nose

  • (13:29) How Lungs Work: The Process of Breathing 

  • (23:06) Benefits of Nasal Breathing

  • (25:42) Mouth tape: How It Works and Its  Benefits


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