WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.034 Jaden Jaymes

Episode 34: Transgender Freedom: Strength & Confidence as a Trans Man With Coach Jaden Jaymes

wellpower podcast Jul 21, 2022

Kristin speaks with fitness trainer, Jaden Jaymes, about his transition journey to external and internal freedom.

In this podcast, they explore movement, mentors, and sharing "treat food days'' with loved ones. Kristin dives into the transgender experience, biohacking, and results of hormone replacement therapy. Jaden openly, authentically, and vulnerably shares about his personal and professional history AND his trajectory as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in the fitness industry. A podcast that demonstrates through conversation that our unique personalities are much more than gender expressions.

Jaden Jaymes is a Movement Coach and Founder of Mane Mvnt—a whole body program designed to help you Move, Nourish, and Connect.

Jaden has been studying and exploring movement freedom for almost two decades. It all started because he needed to change his relationship with his body. Growing up, Jaden felt disconnected from himself and the world. But, when he discovered the freedom that was available through movement, everything changed. Through his exploration in movement, Jaden became more comfortable with himself and finally felt strong, confident and connected to his body.

This discovery is what inspired Jaden to share his message with others. He wants people to know that real freedom in their body can be found by developing a movement-rich, growth-filled lifestyle. That’s why Jaden has dedicated his life to sharing the healing power of Move + Nourish + Connect.

Jaden works with the LGBTQ+ community, specifically with trans men, but ultimately he enjoys working with all types of identities, bodies and physical capabilities. He meets you where you're at and supports you in reaching your goals through your movement, nutrition and lifestyle practices.


  • (08:14) Who is Jaden and why we should understand inclusivity

  • (13:16) The reason why Jaden shares his transition journey

  • (17:10) Medical Trends Explained

  • (23:20) Emotional Component of Transitioning

  • (32:00) How Jadens’ food problem correlates to his changing body

  • (37:10) Jadens’ first advice to his clients

  • (42:34) His methodology in building strength and body recapping

  • (53:51) Jaydens’ Eating Lifestyle

  • (1:11:39) Hot Biohacks

  • (01:16:52) Jaydens’ advice to his younger self


Jaden Jaymes

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