WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.035 Barton Scott

Episode 35: Test Don't Guess & Mineral Balancing Wizardry With Barton Scott

wellpower podcast Aug 22, 2022

This week holds an important story of a man and his minerals.

Kristin sits with friend and health entrepreneur, Barton Scott, Founder of Upgraded Formulas. Barton is an athlete and chemical engineer who had been lucky to enjoy a constantly sharp mind up to a certain point in his life - when this began to shift rapidly in the other direction, without him having any idea why.

He began suffering more and more, experiencing extreme levels of brain fog, memory loss, and mental fatigue.

How could this be, especially at an early age?

He was only in his mid-twenties then, and to make matters so much worse, a massive hole opened in his life at the same time, when without warning, he lost someone very close to him to an aneurysm.

It was preventable, he knew. Watching one of the people he loved the most die because no one could help her was THE motivating force for his work today. Listen in and hear how important minerals are to the human body, your longevity, and disease prevention - all things that led him to develop the best Hair Test Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and advisement team in the world alongside nanotechnology that supports mineral absorption at its finest.


  • (04:38) How Barton’s journey started

  • (10:26) Understanding what your body is losing

  • (17:54) Hair Mineral Analysis Test: What It Can Reveal About You

  • (22:51) The difference in getting particles in small sizes

  • (23:59) Short Term Memory Loss: What Everyone Needs to Know

  • (28:33) How to Live Optimally

  • (36:27) What causes nutrient deficiencies?

  • (40:25) What should you know about vitamin and mineral supplements 

  • (46:16) What happens when you take too much Vitamin C and Zinc?

  • (51:11) Barton’s Biohack

  • (52:53) Barton’s advice to his younger self


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