Wellpower Podcast Ep.036 Cj Finley

Episode 36: F*IT Event Hacking With Co-host Cj Finley

wellpower podcast Aug 08, 2022

Straight from the corners of SXSW in Austin this year, shining marketing and fitness entrepreneur and Host of the Thrive On Life podcast, CJ Finley, sits down and chats with Kristin about the best biohacks for conference and event travel. How do you stay hydrated? Best ways to party all night with your fav network of people.

Rising and shining like a champ for an early morning gym session after late nights right before the first presenter begins their opening keynote??!! Get some of the best HOW-TO-EVENT-LIKE-A-PRO goods here. 

Kristin plays Guest in this episode that was dual released on the WELLPOWER and  Thrive On Life Podcast platforms. CJ Finley hits the mark with his concise interview flow here. Listen in to these two type-A motivators; the energy for fitness and life optimization they have together is palpable.


  • (04:36) Tips on how to keep healthy and optimized during events

  • (06:24) What is Molecular High Tide Hydrogen?

  • (08:40) Tips on how to have a good day despite waking up not feeling great

  • (10:20) BREATHWORK: Helping You Physically and Mentally

  • (12:09) The Difference Between Parasympathetic and Sympathetic

  • (14:30) BluBlockers: How does it protect our eyes? 

  • (18:38) Red Light Therapy: Its advantages, functions, and the different products in that spectrum 

  • (22:26) Happier and Healthier Life: Habits that you can instill in your lifestyle

  • (25:58) 2022: Exciting New Innovations and Technologies in Health Optimization Space

  • (30:19) How menstrual cycle can affect women during weight training?


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