WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.037 Jim Poole

Episode 37: Neuroscience to Neutralize Stress & Ignite Inspiration With Jim Poole

wellpower podcast Aug 31, 2022


Rid yourself of stress, and open your mind to a whole new level of focus.

Get evidence based neuroscience and information on ways to get the same benefits of meditation, mindfulness and brain regulation and without the challenge of sticking to your own plan. 

Kristin and Jim Poole, CEO and President of NuCalm, share an informative walk through the use of sound, frequency, and easy-to-adhere-to phone app technology that shift the state of your brain and body.  Jim Poole has been using this software and watched it grow to thousands of users since 2009. Solace Lifesciences, a neuroscience company focused on personalized evidence-based wellness and performance is proud owner of the NuCalm brand.

Trouble with sleeping? Meditation? Listen in and set yourself up to serve your daily activities best with one of the easiest and profound protocols Kristin has experienced - NuCalm.

“It’s easy to get amped up during the day, it’s easy to have caffeine or stimulants to amp you up. It’s not so easy to kind of slow yourself down, and people who try to meditate would understand this, it’s really difficult to kind of slow down the monkey mind.” — Jim Poole

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  • (10:57) The Science Behind NuCalm

  • (19:47)The Science behind NuCalm discs

  • (22:06) How COVID Fundamentally Changed Everything

  • (27:19) Understanding Trauma and Trauma PTS

  • (33:09) NuCalm: A Facilitator that Liberates Your Subconscious

  • (39:45)  Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Neuro Biofeedback

  • (47:02) Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA) in the Brain: What does it do?

  • (59:30) How Jim uses NuCalm for his family 

  • (1:06:37) Profound differences between NuCalm and an Eight-hour track

  • (1:10:04) Five Different Ways to Join NuCalm


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