WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.039 Ian Morris

Episode 39: Music Freedom, Sound Healing, & a Frequency Future With Ian Morris

wellpower podcast Sep 13, 2022


Coaches, music lovers, sound healers, massage therapists and anyone wanting to understand the power of frequency on your mind and healing the body - TUNE IN!


Ian Morris is a gifted artist and Founder of the cutting edge music platform, Listening to Smile. Do you need music for your videos, content, clients or classes?

This is the answer! If you use music as a background to your yoga, life, business or adventures, you will want to gain insight on ways you can use music to support your passions, within copyright rules, make profit on your work, and all the while support artists who recorded the tracks versus big corporate giants that pay a mere fraction to creatives who serve them. The is the future of integrated music, the future is heavily driven in the wellness and biohacking space by frequency, tones, hertz, wavelength that best suit your body’s ability to heal at a cellular level, to support your nervous system and to stand strong as the foundation for which you shine!

Listening to Smile

  • Gives you rights to use in class, resale, social media, videos, and profitable programs you run.

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