WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.41 Mark Effinger

Episode 41: the State Shifting Power of Nootropics With Mark Effinger

wellpower podcast Nov 29, 2022

Mark is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Nootopia, a company crafting the future of experiential nutrition, nootropics, and bleeding-edge supplement design. He is a brilliant brain and mood optimization product innovator and master nootropic formulator.

In 2008, Mark’s wife, a former model/singer/mother of three home-birthed children, passed away from an oxycodone/oxycontin fueled addiction. This set him on the fast track to developing compounds that would hopefully reverse some elements of addiction and sickness, to help the addict in these three critical ways:

  1. To bring clarity to the mind, helping improve decision-making.
  2. To bring energy to the body, so executing good decisions was easier.
  3. To eliminate the desire for the drugs, and replace them with optimism for life.

A surprising but encouraging byproduct of these formulas, all based on novel nootropic stacks - was this: If you’re healthy, they helped you perform like a Rock Star. If your brain and body didn’t need to detox from painkillers, meth, coke or whatever your poison be, you not only returned to your baseline performance. You found yourself experiencing an enlightened sense of mental capacity you may have never felt before.

Before starting to use nootropics, it is always wise to educate yourself on what exactly they are and how they work. Because of this, we invited Mark "Mr. Noots" Effinger to the podcast today to fill us in.

In this episode, you'll learn how nootropics work and what makes Nootopia's products unique. You'll also get some tips on how to take nootropics for maximum benefits in areas like productivity, rest, and disposition.

Episode Highlights

  • (04:29) Nootopia’s tragic founder story
  • (13:00) Mark’s entrepreneurship and bootstrap story
  • (16:57) Mark on being creative as an entrepreneur 
  • (17:58) Mark’s laser business stint
  • [25:00] The difference between nootropics and pharmaceutical drugs
  • (28:35) The tragic story of Mark's daughter
  • (42:20) When Mark discovered the power of customization
  • (54:37) The sick-to-superhuman scale
  • (56:07) The doorway to super optimal
  • (1:00:32) The Strength Finder tool and how to use it
  • (1:06:00) Saying no, creating boundaries, and letting go of things you’re not good at
  • (1:10:30) Defining adaptogens and how they work
  • (1:13:35) The Sleep Spray 
  • (1:14:06) How to boost creativity and recovery with Nootopia’s Apex product
  • (1:22:20) How nootropics work
  • (1:27:35) How the liver is the main cause of Alzheimer’s
  • (1:29:30) The product CollaGenius, how it was invented, and its use.
  • (1:36:35) Teen stress, mental health, and where nootropics come in
  • (1:42:20) How to get your child off ADHD meds
  • (1:49:21) Improving cellular restoration and cellular respiration
  • (1:50:50) Mr. Noots’ favorite biohacks
  • (1:52:35) Mark’s experience being a white rat 
  • (1:52:50) The effects of Accutane
  • (1:59:55) Tony Schwartz’s Energy Project
  • (2:01:00) Energy cycling, awareness, and how to manage your energy
  • (2:03:50) Mark’s aha moment and advice to younger self




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