WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.42  Dr. Emily Werner Ph.d

Episode 42: Game Changing Nutrition, Muscle Strength & Longevity W/ Dr. Emily Werner Ph.d., Rd, Cssd

wellpower podcast Dec 28, 2022


Can a supplement aid in enhancing power, vigor and constancy?

In today’s episode of the WELLPOWER Podcast, we are joined by Emily Werner Ph.D., RD, CSSD. who breaks down the extraordinary scientific-supported prospective benefits of Mitopure(TM)- a revolutionary new supplement making news for its capability to spark off a vital recycling procedure in cells recognized as mitophagy, obstructing age-associated cellular degeneration. Dr. Werner reveals the role of mitochondria  and explains why mitochondrial health is essential to all. The doctors explain that as we grow older, mitochondrial regeneration decreases and inadequate mitochondria pile up in the cells, leading to a variety of troubles from fall in energy levels, robustness and muscle function to more serious health troubles such as diabetes and cognitive deterioration.

Dr. Werner introduces Urolithin A, a particle that boosts the indispensable recycling and cleaning process of mitochondria- in the long run safeguarding cells from age-associated deterioration. Dr. Werner discloses that 2 out of 3 people lack the appropriate gut microbiome to generate Urolithin A from food. Mitopure(TM) is a bioavailable Urol

Dr. Emily Werner is in her third season as the Team Dietitian for the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA. She has also been working as Nutrition Affairs lead for Amazentis and Timeline Nutrition since February of 2022. She is a dietitian that is a certified Specialist in Sport Dietetics in sport and has over seven years of experience working with athletes in different capacities including individual consultation, research, academia, and the team sport setting. In addition to her master’s in human nutrition, she holds a PhD in exercise physiology. Her expertise is in the assessment of sport nutrition knowledge and behavior, as well as the application of sport nutrition for health and performance.


  • (9:30) How Dr. Emily became A Professional Sports Nutritionist
  • (20:03) Dr. Emily’s philosophy with nutrition, food, and supplementation
  • (23:08) Mitopure: How it's transforming Longevity and how people can incorporate it into their daily life. 
  • (30:47 ) How to Consume Mitopure in the most beneficial way
  • (42:22) Bridging the Gap of Longevity Versus Supplements
  • (46:28) Carbohydrates: How Carbs Fit Into a Healthy Diet
  • (55:16) Dr. Emily’s Biohack
  • (56:23) Dr. Emily’s Wellness Tips for her younger Self



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