WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.43 Lisa Kricfalusi

Episode 43: Cold Unbounded: Ice Baths, Swimming & Embracing the Outdoors With Lisa Kricfalusi

wellpower podcast Jan 04, 2023


Lisa Kricfalusi sits down with Kristin on this episode to dig into their obsession with cold water immersion and ice baths! You think you know about cold water until you see this woman get out her ice saw and cut ice holes for her clients and retreats! A true badass, inspiring speaker, and fast friend of mine - Lisa’s deep dive into health started as a young girl swimming in lakes and pools in Ontario, Canada. Her affinity for water only started to grow as she began training nationally at ten years old. This led to an eleven year national swim career in synchronized swimming and traditional racing, eventually coaching provincially as well as nationally.  Learn all you can about familial ties to cold, the love we have for our Dads, getting out into all types of the elements and mother nature for exploring cold, life on the road of self-reflection, and mental well-being in this sweet, personal chat.

Lisa has developed a unique approach to cold exposure involving intention setting, breathwork, and a progressional practice ending on gratitude. Inspiring cold exposure communities everywhere, with the company she co-founded UNBOUNDED, Lisa has made it her life’s purpose to dedicate herself to this work making this method available and accessible. Lisa pursued secondary education and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor Hons. in Kinesiology and Health Science. She supplemented this degree by becoming a yoga instructor, breathwork facilitator, hydro therapist, and cold exposure therapist.

Unbounded, an experience-/lifestyle brand focused around cold exposure offerings was founded in 2020 when Lisa’s community branded their experiences. Unbounded offers local cold classes, workshops, retreats and experience living getaways. In 2022, Unbounded is expanding their offering to trainings, certifications and online education.

Fun fact, Lisa has practiced this method consecutively for over 440 days ( now over 600 practices ) and claims this practice has changed her quality of life during the pandemic.



  • (07:46) The Origin Story of Lisa
  • (09:47) Female Physiology Versus Male Physiology
  • (14:29) Grief as Transformation
  • (21:51) The Motivation for doing cold Therapy
  • (29:56) How to practice cold therapy the right way
  • (37:05) The Benefits of Cold Therapy
  • (46:28) Breathwork in Swimming
  • (55:33) The Dangers of Adventuring Outdoors
  • (01:14:33) Lisa’s Advice to her Younger Self


Here is the link if you want to find more info on Unbounded: https://www.stayunbounded.com/

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