Episode 44: Cold Swimming In Miracles with Dean Hall

wellpower podcast Apr 01, 2023

Tragedy usually leads to an identity crisis. Losing your wife and being diagnosed with Leukeumia brought Dean Hall to his lowest points. Confronting his own mortality and fragility of life led him to go re-find his purpose. 

In today's episode, we are joined by Dean Hall. He talks about his journey of healing, searching for his life’s purpose, and achieving his goal despite the struggling life he has. And for being a cancer survivor, he shares his cold swimming miracles that eventually led to his life right now.

Tune in now and be inspired by his monumental life story!


(04:48) Dean’s Highs and Lows Growing Up

(14:04) Changing His Lifestyle After the Diagnosis?

(29:31) The Odds of His Recovery and His Wife’s Sudden Sickness

(37:13) How Did Dean Search for His Purpose Through Swimming?

(45:40) The Journey of Swimming the Whole Willamette River

(51:24) Swimming in a Kayak With His Dad

(57:46) Coldwater Immersion and Recovery.

(01:04:58) The Healing Offered by Nature

(01:19:49)  Learning the Level of Kindness




Website: Dean Hall – Adventure Swimmer, Life Coach

LinkedIn: Dean Hall - Chief Executive Officer

Instagram: Dean Hall (@deanhallofficial) 


Books Mentioned: 

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Blue Mind by Wallace J. Nicholas


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