WELLPOWER Podcast Ep.2 Andreas Breitfeld

Episode 2: WTF is EMF? with Andreas Breitfeld

wellpower podcast Jun 03, 2020


Do we have one bold and BADASS biohacker as a guest for you; Andreas Breitfeld taught me everything I know about EMF and then some.

Cell phones, microwaves, airplanes - oh, my! The potential ramifications of unchecked exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation are immense. Since we all are dependent in some way on using devices to connect with our jobs, friends, families and the world, opting out is not viable, but there are some guidelines that seem to help mitigate the effects. 

Andreas' career spans fitness to textiles to biohacking. He was the first fitness editor of SHAPE Magazine and with such a breadth of knowledge, it was important to get the scoop on EMF protection and other health tools to meet the challenges of an active, global lifestyle 

Find out more on Instagram @Breitfeld_Biohacking


  • Factors that caused Andreas' physical and mental health problems

  • The life-changing event that led him to a firm decision of fixing and regaining his health

  • The nature of biohacking and how it can benefit your health

  • EMF and other factors that play a massive role in your health concerns

  • Why you should put away your phone before going to bed and the best way to practice this habit

  • Circadian Rhythm, what is it and how it works

  • Faraday Cage & Airplanes in high altitude radiation.

  • What are EMF protective gears you can actually wear and use daily

  • How the EMF blocking travel pant was created

  • Brand partners and distributors that helped Andreas level-up his products to a whole new level



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