Episode 48: Longevity + HRV Doubleheader: Part 1 with Don Moxley

wellpower podcast Apr 13, 2023

In today’s episode of the WELLPOWER Podcast, we are joined by LONGEVITY LABS+ DIRECTOR OF APPLIED SCIENCE & CO-CREATOR OF HRV+ Don Moxley.

Don shares insights on the importance of balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems for optimal performance and recovery. He emphasizes the need for coaches to understand and have compassion for athletes who may come from different backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, Moxley discusses his product Spermidine Life and its potential benefits for health and wellness. You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how focusing on specific health pillars can power their overall wellness.

Don is a leader in the sports and performance space with 30 years of experience. Formerly a captain and Big 10 Championship winner for Ohio State University, Don later served as the school’s first sports scientist. Through his work on HRV and human optimization, Don created a method of predicting match outcomes based on athlete's health metrics. With this method, Don helped athletes win two Olympic medals, four world championships, and seven National Championships and produced a total of 23 All-Americans. Since his time at Ohio State, Don’s focus has been to advance human performance and optimization for the masses, working in wearable technologies, fitness, and nutraceuticals.

Mode + Method was founded by Longevity Labs, inc., with a focus on human performance and self-optimization. Developed alongside leading health researchers and sports scientists, Mode + Method offers premium, third-party-tested supplements that are unique to the space. Whether in the gym or in the office, Mode + Method offers our customers a natural way to enhance their overall performance, recovery, and long-term health.

Tune in now and learn Longevity + HRV Doubleheader to help improve your health and overall well-being!




(07:06) Don Moxley’s Background

(12:48) Use of Technology in Coaching

(17:08) Heart Rate Variability as a Performance Indicator and Recovery Breathing

(19:43) Importance of Movement and Purpose in Defining Oneself

(225:19) The Role of Hormones in Training and the Importance of Understanding Different Stages of the Menstrual Cycle

(26:30) First Longevity Rock: Movement

(28:11) Second Longevity Rock: Challenge

(30:59) Third Longevity Rock: Sleep

(33:57) Fourth Longevity Rock: Light

(37:41) Spermidine and Its Benefits for Longevity

(39:54) Don’s Advice to His Younger Self



Website: Longevity Labs, Inc.

LinkedIn: Don Moxley - Director Applied Science and Brand Dev.

Facebook: Don Moxley

Instagram: Don Moxley (@donmoxley)

Twitter: Don Moxley (@donmoxley)


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