Episode 49: Longevity + HRV Doubleheader: Part 2 with Don Moxley

wellpower podcast Apr 13, 2023

In a continuation of the two part series, we are rejoined by Don Moxley, LONGEVITY LABS+ DIRECTOR OF APPLIED SCIENCE & CO-CREATOR OF HRV+.

In this episode Don delves into the importance of controlling the controllables in your life. He emphasizes that one needs to focus on intentionally building the parasympathetic reaction throughout the day by doing activities like meditation and cold plunges. 

(00:02) Recovery and fitness.

(00:03) Red light therapy benefits.

(00:07) HRV and stress measurement.

(00:10) HRV and stress recovery.

(00:13) Measuring fitness with watts.

(00:16) Definition of Fitness.

(00:19) Stress and Glucose Spikes.

(00:22) HRV supplement.

(00:27) Importance of movement.

(00:30) Elite performance testing.

(00:32) CBD vs CBDa.

(00:36) Improving HRV with sleep.

(00:39) Training for life events.


Website: Longevity Labs, Inc.

LinkedIn: Don Moxley - Director Applied Science and Brand Dev.

Facebook: Don Moxley

Instagram: Don Moxley (@donmoxley)

Twitter: Don Moxley (@donmoxley)


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