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What's up with Supplements?

supplements Feb 06, 2023

And, by that I mean - VITAMINS + SUPPLEMENTS

Here's the scoop on why we should all be supplementing with vitamins and minerals:

Nowadays, even when eating local and organic, food is less nutrient dense than it used to be. The hard-hitting added stressors—from your iPhone alarm and blue laptop lights to the beeps, bells, and whistles of our modern everyday life—increase our nutrient needs.

All of us are typically working out or on-the-go more than ever before, and exercise increases your need for further nutrients. We face tons of new toxins daily—in the air, in products, in our offices, and lives—and we need extra nutrients to push the toxins into our body's detox pathways to help get rid of them.

And, last, but certainly not least, even organic, local, well-sourced foods have way less nutritional value than our ancestors' food had because agriculture has changed so much over time, and all these added stressors affect everything down to the soil our food grows in.

Adding nutritional supplements will:

  • Aid in muscle repair and recovery
  • Increase your energy
  • Boost immunity
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Support cognitive function (You are most likely living with more brain fog than you need!)
  • Create antioxidative defense against all those free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage cells in your body that arise due to metabolic process, environmental toxins, and stress.


Below are the supplements that I like to help support my body's daily nutrition. These are three "must-haves" I use and share with most of my one-on-one clients:

Top Three Supplements:


WHY? Magnesium is responsible as a co-factor in over 600 reactions in the body, as well as in every cell of our body. It is 60% in our bones, and supports a ton of things some of which are betterment of sleep and lessening stress.

WHICH? There are over 23 different forms of Magnesium - so you have to have the best kind. Good news is that a company called 'BiOptimizers' make one Magnesium with 7 of the best types in one capsule! Find them 40% OFF my fav brand I use with clients and myself is HERE.


WHY? Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and help with managing hunger, keeping your body's energy sources going,

WHICH? Important in my opinion - is that you use EAAs as primary source, not BCAAs (if you don't know the difference - just know that EAAs are what helps recovery and muscle formation best, which is what we want) I use 'Kion Amino Acids' which come in easy to swallow tablets OR flavored berry powder for your water and you want to take these everyday 30-minutes before a workout or your breakfast on non-training days. Get them HERE. Use code "WELLPOWER" to save 10%.


WHY? Mood boosting! Especially nowadays with the stress and mood issues that have arisen, this adaptogenic flower is all natural (like everything I am recommending here), and shows equal efficacy in the research when compared to antidepressants in double blind and placebo controlled studies.

WHICH? Rhodiola - I have gotten a 15% off deal for my followers HERE from the well-reputed company - Thorne Research - and I curated the Rhodiola, as well as all my favorite supplements you may be looking for, all with 15% off and free shipping.

Note that you cannot use Rhodiola if you are on SSRIs.

However, if you are working on fighting back stress, anxiety and or mild depressive symptoms - and looking for something natural - Rhodiola this has been shown to work on par or better than some prescription medications in studies like this.

WOOHOO! Does that help? Overall, it feels best to go slowly when adding supplements and to also get lab work from a reputable health care practitioner to see what other additions suit your unique physiology best!


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